chay' lo' Dr.Fone ios

De' recover Hoch wo' vo' iphone 6 5s-ghap 6 ghap ghap ghap 5 [taH ghap 5 ghap 4s ghap 4 ghap 3gs ghap 5 ghap 4 Hot, Hoch law' 3 g, QInvam Hoch ipads 'ej ipod, previous De' retrieve pong chach itunes icloud 'ej extracting.

iconSuq Started: introduction


Introduction qaS

ios Wondershare Dr.Fone qo' 1st iphone, ipad je ipod Hot De' recovery software. 'oH naQ taS delete contacts, bIngDaq ghItlh leghlu' QIn, photos, ghogh memos, Safari Bookmarks 'ej latlh vo' Hot iphone, ipad 'ej ipod recover offers. ram [De' Hoch wo' vo' iphone, ipad 'ej ipod Hot. ghaHDaq recovering BERNARDO, SoH ghaH De' recover vo' icloud itunes 'ej chach teywI' je chaw' 'oH, tlhIHvaD 3 mIw chIl pagh teywI' deleted wItI'nISmo' Suq. fully compatible ghaH latest ios, iphone 6 8-, iphone 6, ipad jejlaw' 2 je neH.

Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS


Wondershare Dr.Fone ios DeSDu' mach Glance

ios Wondershare Dr.Fone, 'ej DuSaQDaq ngeD--lo' tool. features 3 'elbogh: De' recover vo' ios jan Hoch wo', De' recover vo' itunes chach teywI', De' recover vo' icloud chach teywI'. ram, laH ios operating pat wanI'vammo' tlha' tI': qaStaHvIS Recovery Mode, DuDwI' logo 'epIl naHmey, DuDwI' iphone 'ej much ios jan abnormally.

software DanoHmeH teywI'. ghaH photos, bIngDaq ghItlh leghlu' QIn, contacts, 'ej latlh, recover mIw 3 nap vaj Dapab:

mIw 1. recovery mode wutlh: vo' ios jan, vo' teywI' chach, itunes Recover Recover pagh Recover vo' icloud chach teywI'.

choose recovery mode

mIw 2. Hotlh De' luj pagh delete:

  • vaj "Recover vo' ios jan" wIv SoH, jan ios vaj rar SoH 'ej Hotlh luj pagh delete De' De'wI'.
  • HeghDI' "chach teywI' Recover vo' itunes" wIv DuH itunes chach teywI' download vo' De'wI' 'ej 'oH extract De' potlh SuyItHa'.
  • vaj "chach teywI' Recover vo' icloud" wIv qI' in with icloud account icloud chach teywI' download bImejnIS.

scan for data

mIw 3. Segh categories 'ej cha' rurbogh ghot'e' Qorwagh Hoch De'. teywI' Segh pa' mej sidebar preview De' laH click SoH. qaSpu'DI' vaj, neH wa' check 'ej De' vo' vImughta' pagh De'wI' ios jan click "Recover" recover.

recover data

mode recovery Hoch latlh details, nuqneH vo' ios jan Recover, Recover vo' itunes chach teywI'je vo' chach teywI' icloud Recover check.

wIbuStaHvIS jIpawnIS operating pat, bel details check >>


Qutlh teywI' jan &

qaSchoH 3 recovery modes ghaj Wondershare Dr.Fone ios: vo' ios jan Recover, Recover vo' itunes chach teywI', Recover vo' icloud chach teywI' pagh, lugh recovery mode according to nIS wutlh pa' ngaSwI' tu'lu' SoH. naDev 'oH 3 recovery modes Qutlh teywI' jan laH SuD ghaH SoH je reference je.

Wondershare Dr.Fone supported files and devices