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'a ghIH 'e' Android icloud sync: Contacts, QIn, Photos, pong QonoS 'ej latlh

"Hoch DuDwI' De' icloud chach teywI' neH. Android phone iphone jIH leQ. chay' laH icloud 'a ghIH sync jIH je Android phone? pav. " – jenny

contacts, bIngDaq ghItlh leghlu' QIn, photos, jon videos, audio teywI', jatlhpu' QonoS 'ej latlh vo' jan ios Sev SuvwI' chach icloud. 'ach icloud chenmoH 'epIl naHmey je chen chavmoH neH ios, wej Android qabDaj. vaj DuDwI' De' pa' icloud, SoHvaD ghaytan 'e' tu'lu' chaH reH. fortunately, DaH ghu', laH choH SoH DavoqmoHDI' ngeD icloud 'a ghIH Android phones tablets 'ej sync. Hoch bImejnIS Wondershare MobileTrans. nobmeH QaH 'a ghIH vo' icloud chach teywI' 'e' Android jan sync. ngaq teywI':

bIngDaq ghItlh leghlu' QIn
audio teywI'
jatlhpu' QonoS

Ha' chay' Wondershare MobileTrans Sync 'a ghIH vo' icloud chach teywI' Android jan lo' legh.

nuq bImejnIS:

  • Wondershare MobileTrans
  • jan Android 'ej cable usb
  • pc windows

mIw 1. Wondershare MobileTrans download

Download Wondershare MobileTrans installation package Suq De'wI' click. .exe teywI' 'oH jom De'wI' double-click. fully compatible windows 8, windows 7, windows xp 'ej windows vista. qaSpu'DI' vaj phone rar je De'wI', qeq Qu' icloud 'a ghIH 'e' Android jan sync.

Download win version

sync icloud with android

mIw 2. icloud qI'

click SuD color yoS – SabHa' vo' Qorwagh 'elbogh chach MobileTrans. 'ej vaj "icloud" icon neH Qorwagh click. pa' newly Qorwagh, qI' nIS laH qalegh SoH je icloud account. neH ghun detect je icloud chach teywI' download ropvetlh rurmoH. rejmorgh yIDaQo' vIHtaHbogh icloud account Hung. SoHvaD QaD 'ej not personal De' boS Wondershare.

sync icloud calendar with android

mIw 3. icloud chach teywI' download

qaSpu'DI' QonoS, tetlh icloud chach teywI' pa' mej Dop. icloud chach teywI' De' sync vo' icloud Android DaneH'a' ngaS 'e' double-click. HeghDI' nargh pop-up, NatlhoMlu'meH 'oH download. "Download" law' click. qaStaHvIS tup icloud chach teywI' download tlhap SoH 'oH. tuv!

Download win version

icloud sync android

mIw 4. 'a ghIH 'e' Android icloud sync

qaSpu'DI' icloud chach teywI' downloading, Hoch teywI', contacts, bIngDaq ghItlh leghlu' QIn, photos, 'ej latlh, Hoch chenmoH Qay jan Android lupoQ extract software. qaStaHvIS Qorwagh MobileTrans, tetlh ngaq teywI' Segh. teywI' Segh check 'ej "Start Copy" click neH bImejnIS. qaStaHvIS lup puS, 'a ghIH vo' icloud 'e' Android jan successfully synced SoH tu' SoH.

sync icloud to android

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